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New Technology

What's New?


• Experio UV™ Polorized Lenses

Not all sun lenses are created equal

There's a better way to see the world.

Xperio UV™ polarized prescription sun lenses virtually eliminate blinding glare so you can see the outside world with sharper color and greater depth.

Xperio UV™

Superior Polarized Sun Lenses

• Eliminates 100% of blinding reflective glare

• Offer the maximum UV protection available - E-SPF 50+

• Sharpest vision and clarity

•  UV Radiation & The Eye

The sun supports all life on our planet, but its life-giving rays also pose dangers.

The sun’s primary danger is in the form of Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation is a component of solar radiation, but it can also be given off by artificial sources like welding machines, tanning beds and lasers.

Most are aware of the harm UV radiation can do to the skin, but many may not realize that exposure to UV radiation can harm the eyes or that other components of solar radiation can also affect vision.   >Read More at American Optometric Association

• Eye Conditions & UV Damage


1. Temporary Blindness

2. Aging of Skin around the eye

3. Cataracts

4. Eyelid Skin Cancer

• Understanding E-SPF

Eye-Sun Protection Factor    (E-SPF)

Patients are learning about the new global standard, the Eye-Sun Protection Factor  (E-SPF)

This is the name and abbreviation of a new international index certifying the overall Ultra Violet light protection provided by a lens.

It is an impartial objective rating system developed to rate lenses for prescription eyewear as well as for sunglasses. (E-SPF excludes direct eye exposure to UV coming from around the lenses)

Prompted by the skin care industry standard of UV protection, E-SPF rating follows simple ratios:

How can E-SPF ratings help patients to make lens choices ?

The higher the E-SPF, the better the UV protection

E-SPF 25 means your eye is 25 times better protected than without any lens.

Your Wize Eyes has the right lenses for Long Island UV conditions.

Maximum UV protection

Damaging UV radiation can reach your eyes from both the front and back sides of your lenses. Xperio UV™ lenses help protect your eyes from these dangerous rays.

Ask your Wize Eyes doctors for more information about putting Xperio UV™ protection to work for your eyes.

Break the cycle of discomfort for unsurpassed comfort and vision all day!1

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lensesSpending more time on digital devices may mean you are less satisfied with your contact lenses.2 Frequent use of a smart phone, tablet or computer may cause you to blink less, which could contribute to your contact lenses drying out.

In addition, you may experience symptoms such as:3

    • Blurred vision

    • Eye strain

    • Tired eyes

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses with MoistureSeal technology - helps prevent lens dehydration that may be caused by reduced blink rates.4



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